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About Geekidoc

Home is where your inner Geek is!

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Geekidoc® was initially born out of the frustrations surrounding the poor selection of quality study aids available online. Instead of buying another throw away plastic piece of junk, Geekidoc set out to customize everyday medical products and make them more quality with a focus on usability. The Geekidoc team spent countless hours in the redesign process. All Geekidoc designers are doctors that have been in the trenches!

Geekidoc recently refocused back to its initial mission and brought to market a line of accessories meant to excite the geek within. By marrying brilliant and entertaining designs to traditionally nerd friendly products like collar stays and pocket organizers, Geekidoc helps to blur the line between cool and functionally dorky. Using eco-friendly materials, Geekidoc’s claim to fame is the detailed custom carrying case.

About the Head Geek

Dr. Christopher Palmeiro has deep seated creativity, a keen eye for detail as well as a entrepreneurial spirit. Early on during his medical career, he cofounded Doctablet® an online resource that uses vibrant cartoons, videos and analogous stories to decipher medical conditions.

Later on, in 2016, he created Geekidoc® to help make available, for all students, the products he designed during his medical training. Relaunching in 2022, his gift line of geek friendly accessories stem from his experiences working in a tuxedo shop during graduate school.

Dr Palmeiro continues to provide endocrinology services to the intellectual and developmentally disabled population of Westchester and Bronx Counties in New York. He also has a special interest in the Virtualist specialty health care model.

Prior to his current positions, Dr. Palmeiro completed his fellowship in endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism at Westchester Medical Center. He completed both his residency and chief residency in internal medicine at St. Vincent’s Catholic Medical Center in Manhattan.

Just like in our day jobs, the Geekidoc team is always on call!


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