Premium Geekidoc Portuguese Cork Pocket Protector for Men | Multi-Use Pocket Protectors for Shirts and Lab Coats | 1 Pack Purple Pocket Organizer Protector

  • Better than Leather: It's time to leave leather and cheap imitation materials like PU behind and choose high quality thick, yet flexible cork! Each Geekidoc Premium Portuguese Cork Pocket Protector is crafted using authentic and sustainable Portuguese cork, providing your shirt pocket with better protection.
  • Secure Shirt Pocket Saver: Built into each pen pocket holder is a hidden divider sleeve made of recycled polyester allowing for a secure way to keep pens inside while working or bending forward. The pocket organizer liner helps to hold your pen, pencils, markers, pointers, rulers, a small tool, and glasses more securely.
  • The Perfect Gift for Geeks: Geekidoc's Premium Portuguese Cork Pocket Protector makes for a perfect gift for the geek in your life, and a set of 2 pocket protectors is even better! Whether they work in an Office, School, Hospital, Inspections, or anywhere they might need a pocket protector for lab coats, scrubs, or shirts, Geekidoc has you covered!
  • Extended Pocket Protector Flap: Unlike a standard PU or leather pocket protector for shirts, these high quality cork shirt pocket protectors feature a longer, 2 inch front flap. This extended flap allows for ease of use while wearing heavy duty work shirts and lab coats.
  • Multi-Functional Pocket Protectors: Designed by doctors with a passion for details. Each pocket pen holder includes a bonus rear credit card holder and a heavy duty copper metal grommet for connecting ID cards and badges.
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